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Redefining Genius with Chinwe Esimai and Lynne Procope

In this very special episode of the Brilliance Beyond Borders Podcast, I’m sharing an excerpt from the National Sawdust book launch event in New York City. I am interviewed by the incredible Lynne Procope, Ideas Zone Editor at National Sawdust. Lynne is a Trinidad-born American poet, Cave Canem fellow, National Poetry Slam champion, and co-author of the collaborative collection, Burning Down the House. Lynne and I discuss the inspiration and magic behind the Brilliance Beyond Borders book.

One of the key themes we discuss is the concept of genius. Discovering your genius can open so much space for growth and success. We discuss two ways to find your genius:

1. Redefine genius:

  • We are so limited when we think of genius. We think of Albert Einstein or other widely celebrated (typically male) geniuses. But this book shines the light on the genius in all of us. Communities, industries, and societies benefit immensely when each of us embraces our genius.

2. Lean into your curiosities:

  • Lean into your deepest passions, curiosities, and even frustrations. That’s often where we find our genius. We can use our genuine interests to be inspired and build a better world.

Hear more of this powerful interview by listening to the full Brilliance Beyond Borders Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, or my website!

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