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Combatting Racism and Empowering Communities

These are difficult times. Time to dig deep and find our resilience. Time to speak up and promote understanding. Time to transform. And time to step up do our part to create sustainable change. Six Steps to Foster Change and Support the Black Community

Here are six steps you can take to foster change and support the Black community: 1. Educate Yourself.

2. Foster Equality and Understanding. To create a better future and a better culture, we must, through our words and example, teach our children about the beauty, dignity, and equality of all human beings. And teach them the importance of fighting injustice in our communities.

3. Invest. Volunteer or donate to social justice organizations and those that support the economic and educational empowerment of Black people.

4. Be a Mentor. Did you know that Black employees are less likely to have access to mentorship and growth opportunities due to employer and manager biases? One way to help curb this form of systemic racism is to mentor a young Black student or professional.

5. Support. Support Black-owned businesses. Here is the largest online marketplace for a directory of Black-Owned companies to support:

6. Use Your Voice. Support legal and political reform by using your voice and vote. You have the power to change your community through voting and participating in local political action efforts.

This Time Has To Be Different

Here’s a powerful interview with one of my mentors and colleagues, Ray McGuire, Vice Chairman of Citigroup and Chairman, Banking, Capital Markets and Advisory, on what businesses can do to seize this defining moment and effect sustainable change. And here, Ray speaks on the importance of education.

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