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Hallmarks of Brilliant Entrepreneurship with Brian Hepp

Updated: May 29, 2021

In this episode, I speak with one of my dearest friends, Brian Hepp, about new standards of fulfillment and success in life and entrepreneurship.

Brian is an outstanding business owner and leadership authority. He is a life and business strategist and a results specialist. Brian has been an entrepreneur for over 28 years. He has started, invested in, built, and sold multiple businesses. Brian currently owns about 30 businesses and he sits on a number of boards and foundations. The businesses Brian has helped grow and sell are valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Brian and I discuss hallmarks of brilliant entrepreneurship, including:

1. Be willing to make tough decisions

  • Making decisions requires a certain degree of mental fortitude. You have to be willing to take a risk and make a decision.

2. Have a team you trust

  • As you build your business, you have to have a team. Paradoxically, letting go of control allows you to grow.

3. Ask positive what-ifs

  • In dealing with uncertainty, we often default to the worst-case scenario: What if I can't do this? What if my business fails? What if I die? What if I can't breathe?

  • One of the greatest skills is being able to create certainty inside yourself, and part of that includes asking more positive what-ifs: What if I'm fine? What if I get through this? What if this is the best thing that could be?

Get ALL the gems here → Listen to Brian and I discuss these three hallmarks and much more on the full Brilliance Beyond Borders podcast on Spotify or on my website!

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