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Resetting America and the World, One Change Maker at a Time

When you think about the mentors, leaders, and coaches that inspire you, what characteristics do these leaders and innovative thinkers have in common? How do you measure their influence on you?

Multimedia news and entertainment agency, OZY, decided to highlight just that. 

I had the honor of being featured in their list of the top “86 Angelic Troublemakers to Reset America and the World” alongside other innovative and creative leaders in our world today: Ava Duvernay, LeBron James, Robert Smith, John Boyega, and others. These leaders are confronting injustices in the world and disrupting broken global structures. 

Who are Angelic Troublemakers, you may ask? Angelic Troublemakers are not only challenging norms and unjust structures, but they are uplifting their communities to walk in their footsteps. With roots in the civil rights movement, the term was coined to describe “bold, creative thinkers who would help usher in a better era and a more just society.”

Anyone can be an Angelic Troublemaker! Examples are all around us: a group of employees who stand up to their manager who has been discriminating against customers, even if it means risking their jobs; corporate leaders who rally for significant change within their organizations and for meaningful investments in marginalized communities... these are Angelic Troublemakers.     Need I say more? Angelic Troublemakers are making small and great strides to create global change. From activists, musicians, and entertainers to engineers, corporate leaders, and entrepreneurs, influential voices are playing significant roles in eliminating injustices in our communities and in our world. Recognizing the power of your voice, you too can play an enormous role in advancing human rights.  Check out the full list here: Here are four ways to be an “Angelic Troublemaker” in your life today:

1. Disrupt 

One of my life commitments is to identify and eliminate decades-old patterns of bribery and corruption that limit companies’, countries’, and clients’ abilities to realize their full human and economic potential. Through continual innovation, we must identify the limiting patterns and behaviors in our lives and our world, disrupt them, and find ways to annihilate them.

2. Speak

One attribute all 86 Angelic Troublemakers have in common is that they let their voices be heard. Whether in music, comedy, on stage, or in business, all change makers amplify their message by raising awareness for movements and ideas that inspire. Commit to speaking up for the causes you care deeply about.

3. Create

It is a gift to fulfill your life’s calling and share your unique talents with the world. If you are not in a space where you are doing so, commit to taking daily action to begin to contribute your genius to the world.

4. Motivate

With success comes the responsibility to pave the way for others to achieve the same. As the first person to hold the title of Chief Anti-Bribery Officer in Citigroup’s history, I have a deep sense of responsibility to share my journey. In doing so, I hope to inspire others to serve in this or similar roles and contribute powerfully to the world. As you advance in your chosen path, commit to uplifting others as well.

We stand for justice, creativity, and human potential, in and out of season, when it is popular and when it is not, because it is who we are.

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