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Purpose and Performance Through Tech with Esther Ayorinde

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

"We're only going to be on this earth probably 100 years. While I'm here, it's so important for me personally, to feel like I'm being used to contribute something to the world that is going to impact it for generations."

On this episode of the Brilliance Beyond Borders Podcast, I speak with tech sales and go-to-market executive, Esther Ayorinde, who is known for her transformational leadership style, connected industry network, and business growth achievements. Esther currently leads Business Development globally for Cisco’s Managed Services organization, a company acquired by the Fortune 63 company in 2004. Recognized as part of the top 1% of sales at the tech giant, her client base has been focused mainly on Fortune 100 companies and spans across various verticals; from Silicon Valley tech giants to financial services to sports and media. Her passion for tech and building high-performing teams has contributed to driving continuous double or triple-digit growth in every business she’s led.

Esther previously served on the Board of Directors for Women in Cable Telecommunications New York and now serves on the Board of Directors for Silicon Valley Education Foundation, a non-profit creating STEM gateways for underrepresented minority students in San Jose and Santa Clara Counties. With a small team of 15, she founded her first company at just age 19 named “Alter Ego,” a dance and self-esteem camp for girls which inspired hundreds of students across the United States. Esther was recently named a Top 40 Under 40 Achiever by The Network Journal.

After suffering from burnout, Esther stresses the importance of centering health as a high-performer. Here are Esther’s top tips for high performers:

1. Balance the art and science of your body.

  • There's art and science behind every high performer. Whether you are a sports athlete or business athlete, you need to balance the art and science behind it in order to really get the best out of yourself.

  • You are, in essence, the art, so in order to optimize and truly perform at a high level, you need to track the science, i.e., your diet, exercise, sleep, and other key indicators.

2, Invest in yourself.

  • Over the last three years, Esther has been promoted twice, led several organizations, and delivered billions of dollars of effective business results. However, she hit burnout really hard. Although she was thriving in her career, she needed to take a break in order to reset and perform at her absolute best.

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