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Three to Thrive: Own Your Freedom to Elevate with Brian Nunez

In this episode of the Brilliance Beyond Borders podcast, I discuss how to live a fit, focused, and free life with Brian Nunez, Nike Master Trainer, and the founder and owner of Fitness Never Sleeps (FNS) Training Center in Santa Clara, California.

Coach Brian is an internationally recognized industry leader, award-winning presenter inspiring coaches and athletes all over the world. For the fifth year in a row, FNS was recently voted the number one training facility in the Bay Area. Coach Brian is one of the most sought-after coaches in the world, specializing in athletic performance, mental conditioning, and business leadership.

We discuss radical ownership and how to elevate our lives for greater happiness, impact, and fulfillment.

Three to Thrive

Here are three to thrive from our discussion:

  1. Play with passion. Have fun and be passionate. There's nothing worse than just showing up to something day in and day out and not enjoying it. Life is too short to not have that passion for what you're doing.

  2. Practice what you preach. Be a leader you would want to follow.

  3. Protect your team. Whether our ecosystem is online or in person, always take care of people. There's no gossip, there's no negativity, there's no drama, take care of your family.

Get ALL the gems here → Listen to Coach Brian and I discuss these three tools to elevate your life and much more on the full Brilliance Beyond Borders podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or on my website!

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